Trump Walks on Field Before National Championship, Sends Crowd into a Frenzy [VIDEO]

There have been very few presidents in our nation’s history who have received as strong of an emotional reaction as President Donald Trump continues to have. People either love him or hate him, but the man has the ability to stir up emotions within people very easily.

This statement has never been more obvious than when President Trump made his way onto the field of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium before Monday evening’s College Football Playoff National Championship game which was played between the Alabama Crimson Ride and the Georgia Bulldogs.

Our Commander in Chief made his way onto the field before the National Anthem was played. He was accompanied by ROTC members from both schools, and they all walked out to a very passionate response which you can see below:

There is so much noise from both Trump haters and Trump lovers that it is hard to decipher how much of the noise is cheering and how much is booing. there have been multiple conflicting reports which quickly made their way onto social media. There has since been a very interesting case study in Freudian tendencies.

It now seems as though people on social media who are in favor of President Trump hear mostly cheering with some boos here and there. People who use social media who are not in favor of President Trump tend to hear mostly booing with some cheers here and there.

In actuality, it is likely somewhere in the middle of the two. If there are more cheers than there are boos, it shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, we voted Trump into office, and on top of that Trump won both the states of Georgia and Alabama in the 2016 presidential election. Georgia was won by five points and Alabama by a whopping 30 points.

It’s obvious that it has been a long hard journey for President Trump to make it to the National Championship game. There were multiple leftist groups that planned different protests against our Commander in Chief when the announcement was first made that he would be making his way to the game.

The NAACP requested that fans wear white and wave white towels to challenge President Trump’s famous “snowflakes” insult.

There was also a group called Refuse Fascism ATL who wanted to have a mass kneel-down before the game as a direct insult to Trump.

Trump made headlines back in September after verbally destroying the NFL and the players who chose to kneel during the National Anthem.

Our Commander in Chief made his way to the game alongside United States Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, who happens to be a Georgia native who played football for the Bulldogs when he was a freshman in 1965, as well as Nick Ayers, also a Georgia native who is Vice President Mike Pence’s top aide.

Luckily, Trump’s visit to the National Championship game went better than we had hoped!