Trump Lawyer Sues BuzzFeed and Fusion GPS for Defamation Over Dossier

President Trump is making some serious moves when it comes to Fusion GPS and their well-deserved punishment. Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday that personal lawyer to the President, Michael Cohen, has confirmed that they will be suing BuzzFeed News as well as Fusion GPS over the phony dossier which includes false and unverified allegations against President Trump which link him to Russia. 

The controversial dossier was published by Buzzfeed News a year ago, and Fusion GPS was the political research firm that was responsible for creating the dossier after being funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to do so.

Cohen explained to Bloomberg, “It will be proven that I had no involvement in this Russian collusion conspiracy. My name was included only because of my proximity to the president.”

The lawsuit against BuzzFeed directly names the editor in chief of the news outlet, Ben Smith. It also names editors Miriam Elder and Mark Schoofs as well as reporters Ken Bensinger. All four of these leftists were the bylines on the webpage’s story publishing the dossier.

It was noted by Bloomberg that Cohen had explained to reporters about the lawsuits, however, the documents were not available right away on online court dockets.

Cohen has been mentioned in the infamous dossier. There were claims that he had suspicious ties to Russian figures. These allegations are still unverified to this day, despite being published.

A BuzzFeed spokesman released a statement to Bloomberg saying, “The dossier is, and continues to be, the subject of active investigations by Congress and intelligence agencies. It was presented to two successive presidents, and has been described in detail by news outlets around the world. Its interest to the public is obvious. We look forward to defending the free press and our First Amendment rights in court.”

A Fusion GPS lawyer also spoke with Bloomberg and maintained that he hadn’t seen the lawsuit and had not “received a letter from counsel on anything.”

Cohen has been a person of interest to the left for a while now when it comes to probes into the possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Cohen had testified privately in front of the House Intelligence Committee as well as publicly in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee during two different sessions which took place in October of 2017.

Cohen also explained to investigators on the case that he hadn’t had any contact with any Russian officials, nor did he do anything to harm the Clinton campaign. He also stated that he along with President Trump “don’t talk about” the Russian probes at all. he went on to question, “why waste time talking about something that’s not legitimate?”

He would not say to Bloomberg if he had been interviewed or not in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into the Russian election interference.

The infamous Trump Russia dossier is still a big part of the probes into Russian election meddling.

BuzzFeed News has continued to stand by their publication of the document. The webpage’s editor in chief also publish an op-ed on Tuesday which was seen in the New York Times. The piece defended the move.

The Hill reported:

A transcript of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was also released earlier Tuesday, in which Simpson said a member of the Trump campaign had given information to the FBI that backed up some of the dossier’s claims.

When is the left going to give it up and admit that they were wrong? There is no way out of this one besides swallowing their pride and telling the truth.