This Man Just Risked Everything in Order to Leak Horrible Truth NFL Doesn’t Want Americans to Know

This past weekend Americans were happy to see President Donald Trump speaking out about the recent string of anti-American protests by NFL players. He tweeted, “The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It is about respect for our Country, Flag and National Anthem. NFL must respect this!” Millions of Americans are rethinking their love for Sunday night football now that their favorite teams have proven themselves to be ungrateful and anti-American multimillionaires. Another many has spoken out against the actions of NFL players, and he has put it all on the line to do so.

Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney has spoken out to explain his stance on the NFL anthem protests. He was clear in his statement that he did not agree whatsoever with the protests. Varney specifically stated, “The players are biting the hand that feeds them. They are hurting the sport that feeds them.”

While Varney agrees with President Trump that the football field is the wrong place to make a statement, he didn’t exactly agree 100% with everything that President Trump said. In an article he wrote, Varney stated, “The president was wrong to use inflammatory language. It seemed like he’d been on Gen. Kelly’s leash for a while, but Friday night, he called players who take the knee “S.O.B’s.” It didn’t help. It turned players into First Amendment martyrs.”

Now, Varney also has joined Fox and Friends this past Monday. He spoke about the NFL controversy that has been taking over America. After over 200 NFL players and staff took a knee to protest the National Anthem this past Sunday, Varney has an important message for them. He made it a point to explain to every single viewer that the NFL stadium has taken in more than $1 billion in federal subsidies. 

Watch the clip below:

Varney knows his facts, and he’s not about to let Americans make a decision on the NFL protests without being educated. He stated, “There’s $1.1 billion in direct subsidies from taxpayers to the NFL… Taxpayer subsidies go to the building of stadiums. There have been 20 new NFL stadiums since 1997. All of them have received a degree of taxpayer subsidies.”

Yes, you read that correctly. The NFL has gladly taken over $1 billion in taxpayers’ dollars, and the thanks they give Americans is metaphorically spitting on our flag. We have paid for their giant stadiums, so shouldn’t we get a say in what happens on that field?

Fox Sports explained that the American public has spent nearly $7 billion in order to construct and renovate NFL stadiums in the past 20 years. The average United States taxpayer is often paying 46% of what it costs to construct these projects.

If the NFL doesn’t respect us, why should we respect them and continue to fund the construction of their stadiums, the sales of their tickets, or their ratings on television? It’s time for a serious boycott of the NFL. Until these ungrateful multimillionaire players decide to respect our flag and our country, we need to stop supporting them.