Google Announces That They Will Be Adding ‘Fact-Checking’ Labels To See If News Is Fake News

VIA | The feared clampdown on free speech began with the election of Donald Trump as president despite an onslaught of “fake news” to discredit him.

Fake news began as an alternative media term used to denote subtle or blatant attempts by mainstream news sources to mislead or manipulate the public, regardless of the accuracy of their facts.

While their facts may be true it’s the spin on the news that distorts the accuracy of the picture.

Fake news has been an issue for decades and organizations such as Accuracy In Media have cried in vain for media reform. Only now has the term fake news been co-opted by mainstream media and the left to characterize politically incorrect information.

Amazon reportedly is removing books from digital shelves which re-examine taboo aspects of World War II history. YouTube recently started blocking ads which support certain alternative media channels.

Now, Google wants in on the truth-in-news act.

This week the behemoth web search engine announced a plan to display fact checking labels to show if news is “true or false.”

You can bet Google won’t be using labels to fact-check the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Huffington Post or any other mainstream media site. But the proof will be in Google’s execution of the plan.

If there is such a thing as true and false news everything that has ever been written must be brought to heel. What of art, music, philosophy, poetry, and those interpretive musings which are permissible in narrative journalism and opinion pieces? How can anyone say whether these reflections are true or false?

And if they’re false, so what? Why do we need Google or the government to tell us one way or the other, then label and even block them?

Google is peddling pure censorship – packaged in the guise of helping the consumer of information decide what is true and what is false through Google’s own subjective lens.

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