This Cowboy Saw A Guy Sagging His Pants, What He Decided To Do … I Can’t Stop Laughing!

It’s no secret that America is struggling with culture issues, and like every issue, people have extremely different viewpoints from one another. The pants sagging trend is one fad that has seriously got to go. Don’t these young men realize that the original reason men wore their pants sagging was to let other men know that they were “available” in jail? I highly doubt that this is the reason most American thugs do it these days, but instead they are doing it for some sick fashion trend.

One American cowboy decided he was sick and tired of seeing young men make fools of themselves. He figured it was time to say something, and what he decided to say has the internet in tears, from laughing that is. He started filming after seeing a saggy pants thug waddling down the street, when he finally decided it was time to go public with his popular opinion.

The cowboy explained, “I was driving down the street the other day when I saw a trio of young men walking along the roadside clad in what has become a sort of uniform: pants hanging below their rear end, strung up loosely by a belt or held in place by their upper appendages.”

“The only covering for their private parts is whatever pair of underwear they care to rep that day.”

Watch the cowboy’s hilarious video below:

I think we can all agree that this is one fashion faux pas that our country can do without. It truly is disrespectful to be walking around with your pants so low that we can make out every curve of your manhood. Something I will never understand about the infamous pants sagging trend is exactly how these guys walk with their pants so low that they are forced to waddle. What is the point? We really need to get back to being respectful individuals. I can’t imagine our forefathers walking around with their pants around their ankles… and honestly, I don’t really want to even try to imagine it.