America Sends Brutal Message to Hollywood After They Bash Trump at Golden Globes [VIDEO]

The leftist elites of Hollywood have been openly bashing President Trump since he began his run for president. Hollywood has also been in fairly hot water since October when the Harvey Weinstein allegations surfaced and all hell broke loose. The tornado of sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations have been tearing through Hollywood.

Seth Meyers made the announcement that it would most definitely be political. This revelation didn’t help much, and Meyer’s ridiculous jokes about President Trump seemed to fall on deaf ears as Americans stood by their Commander in Chief.

In general, award shows are fluff shows that don’t deserve much attention, but with this awards season beginning following all of the allegations against so many Hollywood celebrities, it didn’t bode well for insiders. The news these elites was given after the show wasn’t very good.

The Daily Caller reported that early ratings of the award show were extremely weak. Those involved with the show weren’t very tactful in showing their political views and their hatred towards President Donald Trump. Variety reported that early ratings of the Golden Globes showed a drastic drop of five percent in total viewers from last year’s numbers.

NBC was able to gather nineteen million viewers to watch the show, but these numbers had plummeted from 2017’s 20 million viewers. The demo ratings were no better. Ratings from adults 18-49 were down 11 percent.

Variety reported, “The 2016 Golden Globes finished out with a 5.5 and 18.7 million.”

Among the 18-49 year-old adults in America, this year’s Golden Globes fell to the lowest numbers in six years. This matched 2012’s results. This isn’t very good for Hollywood.

Digital Political News reported:

If social media is any indicator, people basically believe that most knew about the predators in Hollywood but they didn’t tell and they wouldn’t be saying anything now, but for the allegations that exploded in the media.

But a lot of people are now just tuning them out, not unlike the NFL fans tuning out the NFL because of the protests.

Nobody wants liberals elites preaching at them for the sins of which the elites are themselves guilty.

Known liberal, Oprah Winfrey, turned her speech into a total political rant, which sparked talk of the talk show host running for President in 2020. Let’s pray to God this doesn’t happen.

America has spoken, and we’re sick and tired of Hollywood leftists dipping their toes in politics. They should stick to what they know best, acting.